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Family of God Ministry is a Christian 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We exist to serve needy and homeless children & families living in Arizona.


Everyday thousands of children go without having their most basic needs met: safe shelter, food, daily hygiene items, school supplies, and so much more. ​​

​Family of God Ministry was started in 2014, by Christina Aguilar, when she and her family noticed that a huge population of families and children were not having their most basic needs met: Mothers unable to pay for all their groceries in the check-out aisle at supermarkets, fathers unable to secure work & provide for their family because of car troubles, family members hosting car washes on street corners in order to cover costs for funeral services of their loved ones, and women sleeping on dangerous streets with their young children because they have nowhere to call home.  All of these heartbreaking situations are ones that we all encounter far too frequently and it's time for us to step up and help these families in need.  ​

Family of God Ministry is here to bridge the gap for many struggling families in need by providing help with Financial Assistance, Daily Necessities, Birthday Party and Holiday Assistance. 

We strive to help all underprivileged families that are experiencing a crisis, and reside within the state of Arizona. We understand that when a family is in need of money for bills, groceries, or diapers for their baby, the turn around time they experience from many organizations can be a breaking point for many adults. The need in our community is overwhelming. This is why our focus is to offer families the assistance that they so desperately need, in real time. 

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